We are managers with over thirty years experience gained in the field with major manufacturing and service industries.

We manage a team of qualified professionals who can answer any need related to energy and organization in your company.



In the global market and in the current economic situation, EFFICIENCY can make the difference between success and failure and can be the key to a winning company or organization.

Many companies, especially SMEs, (Small and Medium Enterprises) can, in a short time, measurably increase their productivity and competitiveness through targeted interventions in their own organization and production processes. This can be obtained both through simple management techniques and the rationalisation of energy use and consumption. 
These concepts are well summarised by the expression:

E2O = EE

Energy and Organization Efficency

= Economic Efficiency


We offer a full range of services to support managers and energy representatives in the different phases of the optimization process: from the primary step of INFORMATION/EDUCATION, fundamental to understand what you could implement in your own organisation to achieve the desired goals and if it is worthwhile, going through the AUDIT, ANALYSIS and IMPLEMENTATION phases, all of which are supported by accurate feedback and verification of the savings achieved in the short/medium term.

Our main focus areas are the following:
- Energy and Organization Efficiency: save money by E2O
- The ISO50001 standard, its implementation (EnMS-Energy Management System)
and certification
- Energy Audit and Energy Management (EME-Energy Management Expert)
- The Optimal Management of the Organization (Lean Organization - Toyota method)

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